Monday, 29 March 2010

Iwan and Gareth are putting in the new goal posts

You may recall in a previous mail some weeks ago that Iwan and Gareth, two of our volunteers in Nakuru in Kenya, were busying them selves putting in goal posts at one of our orphanages.
I asked for a photo of them in action and here it is:

Iwan, in his Changing Worlds t-shirt, digging!

Can't wait to see the finished product!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Richard asks for help - starting a pen pal scheme!

Richard went to Kenya in September 2008 with Changing Worlds and did some volunteering. He has since this time returned and clearly is keen to keep links with this East African country.
(This is Rich in Kenya!)

He asks for help from our present volunteers based in Nakuru in Kenya. He writes:

'I have been talking to David Gill, I am a past volunteer for Changing Worlds and spent my gap year in Kenya aswell. I was a volunteer at Kagoto Primary school and St. Stephens orphanage. I worked there throughout my time in Kenya and since returning home have decided to set up a pen pal scheme between any of the children you are working with in Kenya and children I work with here.

The children and Young people I work with in the UK are all Looked after and in Foster Care of some form. They have all wrote letters, which I will be sending out to Karanja this weekend again as I have a feeling they may have got lost in the post last time I sent them.

I have attached a letter from myself to those letters with a return envelope in with my business address on. I would really appreciate it if one of you does not mind using the letters and getting the Kenyan children to reply to a specific young person and co-ordinate the returns for me.

One other thing, would anyone of you mind writing a letter that gives the YP an idea of what you are doing in Kenya and what life is like? Could you please post it to Richard Hartley, Access Service, East Durham Education Centre, York Road, Peterlee, SR8 2DP, UK as soon as possible please?

I know that’s a lot to ask as I don't even know any of you, but I am really keen to set up a penpal scheme that will enable children on both sides the chance to learn about another culture. I also know that the Kenyan children are forever interested in talking to people from England.

Whoever is interested in doing this or does not mind, could you please reply directly to this email to let me know?

I will ensure all costs are covered so that you do not incur a penny!

I really do appreciate any help you can offer me, please send on my regards to the family/ children and Karanja.



Richard is presently work with disadvantaged children in his home town of Durham in the North East of England.

I await a response from our volunteers - what an exciting projects for all those children wherever they are in the World.

Carry on the good work Rich - help make the World a better place!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Ross and James settle in to new life in Kumasi, Ghana

Ross and James went out to Kumasi in Ghana a fortnight ago. They are doing a medical placement with us. I was keen to see how they were settling in. Ross replied:
'Hi David, Apologies, we have been meaning to send you an email, but we've been quite busy and getting settled. Everything so far is great.
The family we are staying with are lovely. James and I are slowly being allowed to wash up and contribute to the household tasks contrary to what they insist!
We paid a visit to Kumasi market today, managed to get home alrite on the tro tro but with a slash of worry about getting lost- all turned out ok though. We have a phone and francis's number.
Francis (the rep) is also awesome, cool bloke.
Thanks though for telling us about Ghana maybe time (GMT), as francis certainly seems to operate by it at all times! We had fu fu today at the hospital cafe, not overly keen, but all other food has been scrumptious.
Many thanks for everything you and shirley have done in organising this placement.
We look forward to going to Mole national park in mid march with the girls/francis. We'll let you know how we get on,
All the best, Ross / James :)
Looks like they are getting in to the lifestyle...but perhaps not so much the food at this early stage!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

News Update - read the February 2010 Changing Worlds newsletter

Find out about our exciting new developments at Changing Worlds.

News updates include our new martial arts programme in China and a video of a Great White shark off South Africa.

Find out more at:


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Iwan and Gareth get working on the soccer field

Iwan and Gareth are clearly working hard in Nakuru in Central Kenya. They are working at a school.

Iwan writes:
Hello David!!!!
Placements are going really well! Gareth and I are buliding goals in pistis this week. We dug the holes on Tuesday and are going to cement and put the posts in tomorrow! weather is a bit iffy at times.
We were wondering last night if there are going to be any new mzungu's joining us in a few months?
All is well apart from that.
(Note: Mzungus = Europeans)

I have had asked for photos taken before and after - I await a response.